on selecting entries

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Pitch América blog! I’ll be posting interviews with Latinx authors, lists of books and hopefully in the future, success stories that will feature you guys and your agents.

This first post will be to clarify how we will be selecting entries. Me and other judges (Nicole Tone and Debbie Oliveira for now, but if you’d like to be a judge as well,  please feel free to contact me) will read all submitted entries and vote which ones we like best and think should be featured in the contest.

As of now, we have determined that 45 entries will be selected to feature on the Agent Round of the contest — 10 middle grade, 10 new adult, 10 adult and 15 youg adult. Depending on the number of entries we receive, this numbers can change.

According to submission guidelines, we’ll ask to see a 35 word pitch and the first 500 words. We’ll judge entries according to the clarity of the pitch (character, setting, plot and stakes especially) and if the tone of the pitch translates into the first 500 words, and also if the word count is reasonable for the genre you’re in. We’ll read all the entries and select them from the slush pile that comes. I’ll also be giving away a Free Pass when time comes closer.

I’ll make sure to do another post with good examples and how your pitch/entry should be crafted in the future, so keep an eye on the blog.


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