Name: Lindsay Schiro

Genre: Middle Grade/Humor/Adventure

Title: The Quest for Game Con

Word Count: 56,000 words

Themes: #ownvoices


Your 35-Word Pitch: Crazy fun ensues when twelve year old Noah Lucero runs away from summer camp for a cross-country road trip to a video game tournament with his online guild. But are they good enough to win?


Your first 500 words:

“Come on, guys, what the heck was that?” I groan into the mic as I lean against my chair and tip my head back. That’s the third time this week we’ve lost this boss battle.

 “You weren’t doing any better,” retorts xMidnightJulesx, the Mage in her deadpan drone. “The Leroy Jenkins strategy never works.”

At my feet, the clunky body of my computer whirrs with effort as the screen shifts. The stone walls load first, then the long table and flickering torches. Venom Assault, the name of our guild, appears at the bottom of the screen in big letters. Our avatars all blip into existence around the long table. This is our spawn site, our guild castle’s great hall. 

I tap CTRL on my keyboard and hold it to talk. “Well at least I was doing something. You weren’t even paying attention back there.” 

Another voice cuts in and NoobHunter’s name lights up over his avatar, the girl Cleric with the flower crown. “Chill out. We just need to level up some more.”

“Man, I’m sick of grinding,” FalconPunch whines. He’s the elf Bowman, which is the most unoriginal species and class pairing ever. “Let’s just go again. We almost had it!”

Good idea. I’m just about to agree when PopsicleKitty’s name lights up. She’s the dude Assassin and it’s funny to hear her soft, girly voice coming out of her buff avatar. “I think we need a better strategy.”

I roll my eyes and click my left mouse button so my avatar swings his epic sword. It’s a silver Bone Crusher that I spent 90,000 gold on. It took me forever to get that much gold, but totally worth it because it has +50 attack and is shaped like a freaking spine. “This is QuestWars, not StarCraft. We should just get back in there.” 

xMidnightJulesx does the yawn animation. “Not today though, this is getting boring, I’m out.” 

Ugh, I definitely need a better guild. I’ve been with this one for almost a year and in all that time I don’t think we’ve improved even a little. I almost tell them I’m out too when FalconPunch’s name lights up.

“Wait, have you guys heard that Startech’s gonna be at GameCon?”

I sit up as a jolt of excitement goes through me. “No, seriously?!”

Startech almost NEVER goes to conventions. I mean, they’re so cool, they don’t even have to go to conventions. When you invent QuestWars, the greatest massive multiplayer online game of all time, you don’t need to put yourself out there.  

“I’m looking it up right now,” PopsicleKitty says. “Startech will be at GameCon holding a live QuestWars tournament. Winners will get exclusive access to their new game, Dragon Spell, and be the first people in the world to play it.” 

I almost jump out of my seat as everyone makes impressed noises. I’ve been waiting for Dragon Spell forever and it doesn’t officially come out for three whole months. “We need to enter!”


12 thoughts on “THE QUEST FOR GAME CON, MG Adventure

  1. Caitie F says:

    I’ve been looking for a book w/ gamers and this looks great! I’d love to see the query and first 50 pages as a word attachment to querycaitie(at)lizadawson(dot)com


  2. Whitley Abell (@whitleyabell) says:

    The Guild goes MG? Sign me up! I’d love to read more. Please send your full manuscript as a word document attachment with “Pitch América” in the subject line to whitley [at] inklingsliterary [dot] com. And if you don’t mind, could you also include your query letter on the first page of the word doc?


  3. Pete Knapp says:

    This sounds great! I’d love to keep reading. Please send the query and full manuscript attached as a Word doc to queries (at) parkliterary (dot) com. Please include Pitch America in the subject. Thank you!


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