Thank you!

First of all, this is a thank you message to everyone who participated in PitchAmérica.

Thank you so much for the judges, who volunteered your time to read entries with me.

Thank you so much for the agents who read the entries and requested, and who are also working to improve diversity in the publishing industry.

And thank you, thank you to those of you who submitted your work to PitchAmérica. Getting your work out there is hard. It’s harder even when you put such an important part of yourself in it and you hope other people will identify. Thank you so much for your hard work. If you weren’t selected, please remember all contests are very subjective and you should keep working on your novel.

A little after PitchAmérica ended, I was faced with the question of what would happen next. I’m hoping people find great agents to represent their work. I want to see the success of these writers here. But most of all, I was faced with the question of “Should we do this again next year?”

It’s strange how these kind of questions can make you re-exhamine the whole perpective of the world. Because one of my first thoughts was, “Aren’t people going to think it’s TOO much?”. Because that’s the fear we all grow up with — never being allowed to take space, the fear that our stories won’t matter. As if there was a limit to the amount of space we can take up.

There’s no limit. There shouldn’t ever be “too much” of Latinx representation in literature, or any other POC. Right as it stands, last year children’s books featured less than 5% of Latinx protagonists. Our stories shouldn’t have limits imposed by the industry or anything else. We should be limitless and free to dream.

So yes, #PitchAmérica will be returning in August next year. If you’re an unagented writer please consider participating. And if you didn’t have a project ready this year, next year we’ll return.

Meanwhile, I’m going to keep posting interviews with Latinx writers, and hopefully, in the future, we’ll also have PitchAmérica success stories.

Thanks for joining me on this project. Thanks for believing. See you next year!