Introducing the 2017 judges

It’s time we introduced this years slush pile judges.

I am so glad to be welcoming the team once again to help me sort through the slush. Last year they helped me a lot, and offered so many insights, and I was glad to have them. So it’s with pleasure that I welcome these friends back!

Please rememer that the best way to support this contest and the people helping is to buy their books and/or book a manuscript  edit with them. They’re all great people, and I’m highly supportive of their work. You can find out more about them below.



Debbie Oliveira is a Brazilian-American film editor, writer, and bookseller. She’s spent most of her life traveling the world, reading, writing, and drinking coffee. You can find her geeking about shows, arguing about representation, and tweeting at three in the morning @debbiekolive.



unnamedNicole Tone has her BA in Literature and Creative Writing and is continuing her time at
Southern New Hampshire University by pursuing her MA in English and Creative Writing. Other than being a professional student, Nicole is a novelist, coffee snob, traveler, book reviewer, and freelance editor. You can follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook, follow her on Instagram, or check out her website at Her debut novel, Without Benefits, came out in June 2016.


87e1e440449b2ad22f2547c765e6c8e8Lara Willard is a pixelsmith and wordherder, a freelance editor and writer, and the writing instructor at She’s edited for literary agents, Marvel Comics editors, poets, authors, and comic creators. While scribbling in margins and gutters, she sometimes tweets editing tips @LaraEdits. Lara lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, sons, and dog-show dropout Havanese. Connect with her on Twitter, on Instagram (@veritylane) or at her virtual home,


kosoko picKosoko Jackson is the Digital Media Associate for Rock The Vote and manages social media accounts totaling 270K followers. He also moonlights as a paid sensitivity reader for big 5 publishers. Kosoko has taught elementary kids how to read, educated millennials about the power of voting, and held various communications positions in political organizations. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Public Health with a minor in new media communications. He lives in Washington D.C and is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Ageny.

A round of applause for these great and awesome people who volunteered to help me on this project! I owe them a lot, and I really hope we’ll be selecting the best entries for Pitch América.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Agent list on September.


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