#PitchAmérica was created by Laura Pohl to focus on submissions and books produced by Latinx voices. Latinxs being such a large population and so diverse themselves, we’re often grouped in a single place. We have white, black, hispanic, native and asian Latinxs, and I’d like to open a space where we can welcome all as well as have more discussions about diversity, coming from a different culture, and what it means to be Latinx.

The contest is aimed at pushing forward the effort to diversify publishing and have more #ownvoices and diversity projects out there. Visibility is extremely important, and Latinx kids deserve to see these stories, as well as being able to write their own someday. The contest will focus on Latinx voices ONLY.

Once entries are read, a number of them will be selected to go to the agent round, where the participating agents will be making requests. Each entry will be posted as a blog post, and requests will be done through comments.